The Vault

A secret bank has been discovered in Barcelona. In it, millions of euros from doubtful fortunes are protected.

Its security is impregnable and now Ubiquss, an international organization dedicated to acting where not even the authorities can do it, looks for a team of experts to enter, recover an object of incalculable value in its impenetrable vault and leave the place before being detected.

You, your team, a bank with the most sophisticated security systems. You only have one chance.

Do you dare?

The new Mystery Escape adventure. An exciting escape game, with all the necessary elements to offer a unique experience. A perfect new challenge for those who love escape, as well as for those who want to know the concept. Logic, communication and teamwork will be the keys to achieving success and overcoming the mission.

Game languages

Spanish | English | Catalan

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If you are not sure about the total number of players, you can make your reservation for the minimum number of confirmed participants. If they are more than indicated, you can pay the difference in our facilities.

We do not demand pay and signal. If you want to make a reservation and make the payment later, you can call us at +34 930 136 419.

All team members must arrive 15 minutes before the time of the reserved session. This point is of the utmost importance, as it is required to receive certain instructions before starting the game.

Including VAT
Team of 7 – 16€ / player
Team of 6 – 18€ / player
Team of 5 – 20€ / player
Team of 4 – 22€ / player
Team of 3 – 24€ / player


Come to discover our fantastic Escape Room in Barcelona!

Important: If you want to play in teams of more than 7 people, you can call us at +34 930 13 64 19 or check our large groups page.